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POF search is used to filter out numerous dating profiles to find your exact match based on a number of predefined search filters. Using the POF search is an extremely powerful tool that should not be neglected. Not to mention you can search Plenty Of Fish for free. The returned results are accurate and based off of some of the most important search criteria people use to look for a potential mate. So instead of browsing endlessly through thousands of profiles and sifting through each one all you need to do is plug in a few parameters and let POF search engine do the rest of the work for you. Searching a free online dating database is a pretty common function when looking for love, most online dating sites have some sort of search feature to allow you to look for love. Plenty Of Fish is a bit different though as they have kept it simple. There are 3 different types of searches you can perform on Plenty Of Fish to find the love of your life, or at least a hot date! These 3 searches are labeled basic, advanced and username. To determine which POF search you should be using we will cover how to get to the search feature and what each of these mean.

Using POF Search To Search Profiles

First thing you need to do is use your POF login and sign in to your account. Once you have done this, look for the button labeled ‘search’ and click it.

pof search

If you are using a mobile device, from the home screen look for the search icon and tap it. This will bring you to the POF search within the mobile app.

pof search mobile

Now that we are in search mode, we need to decide which type of POF search we are going to use to search profiles. Highly recommended is the advanced search.

POF Advanced Search

The POF advanced search is where you can really narrow down what you are looking for. This feature is available by default for anyone using the Plenty Of Fish app by default. For pof.com users you need to take an extra step to get the the advanced search. First we will cover the advanced search from the POF dating site and then the Plenty Of Fish mobile app. After you click the search button on pof.com, a second set of links will appear. Look for the one that is labeled ‘Advanced Search. Once you find this link go ahead and click it to get in to the advanced settings.

The link will appear right in the middle of the page and is highlighted in the image below.

pof advanced search

After you navigate to the POF advanced search page you will be presented with a ton of different search options. You can adjust these according to the type of man or woman you are seeking. You can sort age ranges (Remember Plenty Of Fish only allows you to contact users within 14 years of your own age), height, hair color, location, last time the user was online and a bunch of other filters. Sorting by the last time online is a good search filter to use. You do not want to bring up old profiles that people no longer use. The advanced search covers everything you fill out in your profile. So to increase you chances of being found you should fill out your entire profile. You never know who is looking for you.

To use the POF search within the app, after you click the search icon you will need to tap one more time. Right in the middle of your screen will be a big blue button that says ‘Refine Search’. Tap this once and you will be taken to the same search parameters as on pof.com. Adjust these to your liking and submit. Searches within POF UK, United states, Canada and Australia will accept postal code searching. Your soul mate is bound to be out there somewhere. Using the POF search and sorting by distance is probably the easiest method to find love. The POF app will sort by distance based on your mobile GPS.

POF Basic Search, For POF.com Users Only

The POF basic search consists of 14 different fields you can choose from and can be found when you use your POF.com login. In order to search pof you do not need to fill all of these out. For example, if you only want to search profiles near by, you can simply enter your zip code and a mile radius. If you only wish to select users with images, you can do this also. You can mix and match your POF dating search criteria. By default this will bring you to the POF basic search page with all of the standard settings in place if you have never used the basic search before. The list of users will automatically be sorted based on the users last visit. If you have used the basic search before, Plenty Of Fish retains the information you entered in your previous search and the list of people you might like to date will be sorted accordingly. The basic search performs a query based on some of the most common things people look for. Distance is popular as well as age, intent and body type. You can even search within a specified distance to your area based on zip code. Please note, these options are also available in the advanced search. For most users on the dating website the basic search is adequate to find what they seek but just in case the advanced search is always there for you.

POF Username Search

POF Username search is straight forward and only has one field. This field is to enter the username of the person you are looking for. If there is a profile that matches your search, it will be displayed. If you only enter a partial username then Plenty Of Fish will do it’s best to return results based on your query. This works on both pof.com and the Plenty Of Fish app. The username search is great if you lost contact with someone you spoke with previously and only remember a part of their username. It also works perfectly if you by chance happen to know their exact username. Periodically you may lose contact due to life circumstances or other unavoidable variables. Utilizing the Plenty Of Fish advanced search may bring you back in contact with someone you really wanted to get to know.

As of 2018, the Plenty Of Fish username search is no longer available.

Search Tips For Finding Love In Online Dating

There is no wrong way or right way to use the POF search. There are how ever some tips to improve your search query results. If you are not looking for anything too serious don’t be afraid to be liberal with the filter options. Search within your local area and always sort by the users last time online. If you are looking for something more serious then really give the POF search a workout and try putting in everything you would want in a man or a woman. Since POF saves your search criteria make sure you check the searches often as new people arrive on the site daily.

One mistake people make when using Plenty Of Fish is they neglect to complete their dating profile. While the Plenty Of Fish search works great, it is not magic. If you have nothing to search by it will make it harder for other users to find you. With that said make sure you complete every part of your profile to get more chances to show up in the POF search results.

To access the POF search directly go to http://www.pof.com/basicsearch.aspx