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POF inbox messages are waiting for you in your Plenty Of Fish email. Use your POF login on a regular basis to see who is trying to contact you. Using your POF inbox is simple and the most effective tool you can use when trying to find a dating connection. The advantage Plenty Of Fish has over other online dating sites is using your POF inbox is absolutely free! Email and messaging is the single most important component of online dating success. In fact, without the ability to communicate directly, online dating would be nearly impossible. Having the ability to send and receive messages at no cost on POF using your inbox will greatly enhance your dating success. The POF inbox is available on the website as well as in the Plenty Of Fish app. No matter where you are you will always have access to your messages. From the moment you use your POF login inbox messages from available singles will be waiting eagerly for your response.

To reap the full benefits of your POF inbox and online dating experience you need to know exactly how it functions. If you have ever used a simple email app it is not too much different. If you have ever used OKCupid or your AOL mail inbox you should be pretty familiar. There are a few variations to your Plenty Of Fish inbox that are specific to the dating site you will discover. These features are designed to help you connect to other people using PlentyOfFish.

Accessing your POF inbox to send and receive messages is one of the most vital actions you can perform for having a successful dating experience on Plenty Of Fish. Unlike most dating sites, your POF inbox allows you to send email through the dating system at no cost. You can send and receive messages in real time. Mobile users can perform live chats that function as instant messages.

Getting Started With Your POF Inbox

POF inbox
New POF inbox messages!

To get started using your POF inbox you will first need to sign in to your Plenty Of Fish account or mobile app. If you are not signed in you will not be able to read your messages. Once you are signed in there are a few different ways to access your mail. If you are using the mobile app, tap on the icon that looks like a small letter. If you are on POF.com you are going to look for the icon in the top left corner of the page in the main menu that appears to be a call out. This icon has the text “Inbox” appearing next to it. If you happen to have unread messages there will be a numeric value within the call out indicating the amount of unread messages you have. POF.com users can also go directly to http://www.pof.com/inbox.aspx. Once you are inside your Plenty Of Fish inbox you will see a list of messages, both read and unread. You will also find a few more tabs labeled “Messages”, “Sent Messages”, “Contact History” and “Top Prospects”. Each one of these tabs has a purpose relating to your email. By default you will be under the “messages” tab.

Reading Your Messages

In order to read a message all you have to do is tap or click on the message you wish to read. New messages will have an icon next to them showing that they have not been read. Messages are sorted in the order they were received. A reply will be threaded in the original message. You will also see a link that says “Show Online Time” which will display when the user was last online. This is an available upgrade in POF.

Replying To A Message

Example Plenty Of Fish MessageWhen someone you like sends you an email on Plenty Of Fish, odds are you are going to reply. In order to do this all you have to do is select the message from the person you wish to reply to. You will find a text field at the bottom of the email where you can type out your reply. once you are finished, just click “Submit Reply” and the user will receive your message. You have some other options in this screen as well. If the Plenty Of Fish member sends you something inappropriate you can report the sender and POF customer service will look into it. You can also block the user if you need to as well as see users who you may have blocked from sending email to you in the past. Attaching gifts to your message is an upgrade option. If your message thread has grown long and you wish to look back to previous messages from this user, click on “View More Messages”. Finally, if you no longer are reading the thread you can delete the entire conversation and it will no longer appear in your POF inbox.

Sending New Messages

Sending new messages on POF is just as easy as replying to them. In order to send a new email you will need to find someone you are interested in. This can be down by using the POF search and browsing users who may interest you. Once you find someone you are interested in, click on their profile. At the bottom of their profile will be a text box where you can type a note to them and hit send. This will deliver a message from you to their inbox.

On a side not, it is not recommended to copy and paste messages. They sound too generic and most likely will not generate many responses. Be creative with your dating email. You do not have to write an entire book, but a short note expressing things like mutual interests, etc.

The Sent Messages Tab

pof sent messages tabThe sent messages tab in your PlentyOfFish inbox can be useful for a few different reasons. You can check to see if you have already sent a user a message. There are also options for upgraded members where you can see if the message was read or not. That can be useful if you are planing on writing someone but they have yet to read your previous email. There is also a column that displays when the user was last online.

Contact History

contact history tabAnother tab in your POF inbox is called “Contact History”. This tab displays users who you have made contact with. You can also sort through people you have previously contacted using a variety of filters.

Top Prospects

top prospects tab for best matches for dating on pofThe last tab in your Plenty Of Fish email is called “Top Prospects”. Based on messaging and compatibility, the list is sorted by which POF user is suppose to be most compatible with you. These are only people who you have been in contact with in the last 90 days. POF claims it is highly likely if you enter a relationship it will be with one of your top dating prospects.

Adjusting Your POF Inbox Settings For Better Dating Results

adjust pof inbox settings

Another great feature your POF inbox has is the ability to make adjustments on who can contact you. For example, if you are a man only looking for women, you can set a filter to only allow women to contact you. You can actually make several adjustments. There are age ranges, country, distance and you can even require that they write a specific amount of text. This can stop a lot of “Hi” emails that tend to turn people away. Please note that these settings only apply to initial contact. Anyone who has previously contacted you will not be filtered. Having the ability to filter out unwanted messages definitely makes the online dating experience a bit more pleasant.

Inbox Overview

By now you should be up to speed on how to send and receive email messages on POF. Online dating can be fun and rewarding. No other online dating site as large as Plenty Of Fish allows you to communicate with other singles for free. If you are wanting to find a great way to meet people from your computer or mobile device, the utilizing the power of your POF inbox is the way to achieve these goals.